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W R I T I N G  &  C O P Y  E D I T I N G


Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, USF Encounter Magazine

The USF Encounter is a student-run news publication with both print and online platforms. As the assistant editor, I oversaw the planning of each issue and the layouts, edited articles, assisted the PR team and helped to run the "Newspaper Management" class at the University of St. Francis. I also was the head of the online platform, approving, editing and uploading every article that was published online. Please check out some of our print publications from the time I was assistant editor (August 2016-May 2017).


"How to Land Your Dream Job," USF Encounter Magazine, 2017

From resumes to cover letters, getting out into the "real world" after college can be intimidating. This article features research and an interview with a job recruiter that focuses on answering all your job/internship application and interview FAQs.


"A first look at 'Beauty and the Beast's' supporting characters," USF Encounter - Online, 2016

Before the record-breaking film was released, fans were hungry for any information they could get on the classic animation's live-action reboot. These are my thoughts on the first look at the movie's supporting characters.


"RECAP: Joliet's Race Fan Rally," USF Encounter - Online, 2016

A recap of the events and atmosphere of the largest NASCAR race fan rally in the country. Original photography by me as well.


"Will County Winter," USF Encounter Magazine, 2016

You don't have to venture into the city to stay entertained in the cold winter months. Check out what Will County has to offer around the holidays! Published in the December '16 issue of the USF Encounter.

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